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Touch for Health ("Gesund durch Berühren")


has been developed by Dr. Thie as a method of SELF-HELP for lay-people. It is a simple and effective method, easy to learn and to use in order to help yourself in your family and/or with friends in order to become more

  • healthy, vitalized, fit
  • feeling better and being mor competent in dayly situation
  • being able to care for themself in difficult dayly situation

The experiences with Touch for Health were so fundamental, that Professionals like natural healers, medical Doctors etc. learn and use Touch for Health in their Clinic with their clients.

The application of Touch for Health is proved in the professional aerea since decades as a secure and effectiv method.

You can learn Touch for Health in 1 - 4 weekend modules. Even after the first course Touch for Health 1 you are able to use this method ("The 14 - Muscle - Balance".
In each course you enhance your knowledge and tool box.
Many Physiotherapeuts, Naturopaths, Fitness-Trainers and - Coaches and other Professionals learn Touch for Health to enhance their professional skills.

Touch for Health is also a very good starting point for your Kinesiology Training and for many other applications in the world of Applied Kinesiology.

You learn the famous MUSCLE-TEST and how to use it for testing stress in Life, in Nutritions. You learn methods how to balance this stress.

This course is offered in BERLIN as a Block Touch for Health 1 - 4
in 4 + 4 days, one day for integration / sightseeing in between.
You can book the whole 8 days (special price) or only single modules in the specified order.

Touch for Health Synthese

Since 2007 I offer this Touch for Health 1-4 / Synthesis as Blockseminar. For many enthusiastic participants this is an intensive starting point into the world of applied kinesiology and into one's own body energy.

Price Early Bird for the Block until 10th Juni (booking and Pre-Pay 200 EU)
Prices inkl. Manuals look in the Download.

Download / pdf: Infoflyer with description of TfH 1-4 incl.prices (german !)

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Touch for Health I

Tafel Touch for Health 1

Basic Balance with Test and strengthening of 14 Basic Muscles * Relation to the 14 Meridias * Strengthening by several Reflex-Points * Test of Nutritions * emotional Stress Release * Pain - Release * Energies of the Eyes and Ears * a.m.m.

After this course the participants are able to offer a full Balance of the 14 Muscle to be used with friends etc. You can use many methods in this course also for your own well-Being

Price: 250 €
       This course is also part of the Professional Kinesiology Training.

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Touch for Health II

5 Elemente

Test and correction of further 14 muscles. * Balancing via the 5 elements of chinese Acupuncure-System * Wheel of Meridians * Balancing with colors * tonifying acupressure - points * One - Point - Balance* Over- and Underenergies * much more.

       This course is also part of the Professional - Kinesiology - Training.

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Price: 250 EUR.

Touch for Health III

Further 14 muscles, so that you can use the 42 muscles for balancing the body * further laws of acupuncture for balancing the body * Dynamic balancing - methods like reactive muscles, tibetian eights, Pain tapping * many more issues

       This course is also part of the Professional - Kinesiology - Training.

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Price: 250 EUR.

Touch for Health IV

Application and integration of the different TfH - issues. * further options for balancing the body - mind - system and the meridians. * more reflex-zones and their advanced application in a Touch-for-Health - Balance.

       This course is also part of the Professional - Kinesiology - Training.

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Price: 250 EUR.

Touch for Health deepening - Metaphern

5 Elemente

Here you learn the deeper meaning of the meridians and the 5 elements of chinese medicine. We will integrate this knowledge into the Touch-for-Health balance and you will gain by this approach a new dimension in your work with Touch-for-Health. Issues of clients will show in their body energy and therefor can be brought to the point and by this are open for rebalancing. Clients normally feel better understood in there whole being.

After I had experienced and learned this approach with Dr. John Thie - the founder of Touch-for-Health directly, my TfH-Balances were getting a new depth and alivelyness, that was not available to me before.
Additionally we have a new way to check muscle energies and bring them into balance

* Metaphers of the Meridians * Metaphers of muscles and the creative application * 5 phases of the process of manifestation and the application in a goal-balance * the never ending creation-cyle * intensive "range-balance" of important muscles. * many more issues

Prerequisites: Touch for Health 1 / 2.     Price: 230 € 

Times of lessons: Fr 18 - 21h, Sa 10-18 h, So 10 - 16 h.

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  • Generall: All prices include Course Manual.
    Each modul (1, 2, 3, 4)single = 250 EU,
    two Moduls (1-2 or 3-4) = 450 EU, if pre-booked.
  • Touch for Health - Synthese: Reduction, if you book the block and
    prepay (200 EUR)
    before the course starts.
  • Infoflyer:   You can have an infoflyer with descriptions of the courses
    Touch for Health I to IV (at the moment only in german).

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