Individual Sessions / Coaching to go with your individual Process / Learning issues


Private Sessions / Coachings are possible with Mandiro Ordyniak (english / german)

Prices depend on time. Ask for further Information.

Naturheilpraxis, Mandiro Ordyniak,
Heilpraktiker (Naturopath), Kinesiology practitioner

Stubenrauchstr. 22, 12161 Berlin-Friedenau

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CANCELLATION: If it is not possible for you to come to a scheduled session,
please tell us as soon as possible - at least 48 hours before the scheduled time.

Outherwise you have to pay 50 Eu.

In our Clinic for applied kinesiology we offer individual Coachings for the following aereas

We regard the person as Unity of Body - Mind - Sour. Our experience shows, that symptoms often need a milieu of stressful life situations or conflicts, often worsened by loads of the family, genetics or surrounding.
With applied kinesiology we help you to look into these conflicts and situations
so that you can take your well being again into your own hand.

The time for a session / coachingis mostly between 60 - 90 Minutes , with children mostly shorter. The times between these sessions / coachings are often between 2- 4 weeks. In difficult situations we recommend in the beginning 1 session per week, for about 3 weeks.
Afte that often the gap between two sessions can be expanded.
The number of sessions is determined by you and your needs, how much support you need, how deep you want to work on you. Often you experience even after 3 - 5 sessions a significant improvement of your wellbeing and your abality to help yourself.

The succes of kinesiological session depend a big part on your cooperation . It can be helpful or even necessary that you practice certain exercises, change your diet so that your body-mind-soul-system can get healthy and com into balance.

If you cannot come to an appointment please tell us as soon as possible - at least 48 hours before the scheduled appointment, otherwise you have to pay for the missed session 50 Eu

Methods I am using..

Applied kinesiology has developed a variety of disciplines during the last 40 years All these disciplines hav in common, that the flow of the session is determined by big part through your individual reactions shown by the muscle reaction.

Mostly we use the Kinesiological muscletest as biofeedback. Also other methods of biofeedback are possible.

Importan elemens of a kinesiological individual session (= balance) are


By talking we look at your individual Situation and your issue, why you come to the private session, what are your goals. In the following sessions we review with you, how you were doing since the last session, how you have come nearer to you goal, what kind of reaction have appeared usw.

General procedures in applied kinesiology

There are multiple procedures for balancing your energy-system to strengthen your Body-Mind-Soul-System. Often you find

Constallation work with kinesiological procedures

This approach was developed by Mandiro Ordyniak since 1998 ("Systemic Kinesiology"). Here we combine the classical constallation work known by Bert Hellinger, combined with kinesiological procedures for balancing the person. This combination has proved very effective in the clinic and often leads also in very difficult situations to a healing clearing.
Since 2005 I use mor elements of Structure Organization developed by Prof. Dr. Matthias Varga von Kibed / Insa Sparrer.

Kinesiological approaches

Mandiro Ordyniak has studies a wide range of discinplines in applied kinesiology. In yearlong experience an integrated approach has developed, that has its roots in the following disciplines:

Disciplines in Kinesiology

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