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"Fit in Body and Mind with Brain Gym"

Brain Gym: How can you learn successfully ?


Brain Gym activates then Pathways for Learning and mental activity in a natural way: by Movements.
"Movements are the heart-beats of Learning."

Brain Gym is a Programm of simple Body-Movements that enhances your Learning abilities on several levels. Your ability to concentrate gets quickly better. Other mental dimensions like memory, reading, writing, listening as well as body-coordination enhances.

Brain Gym activates then Pathways for Learning and mental activity in a natural way: by Movements. "Movements are the heart-beats of Learning."

Brain Gym 1

You will learn the effect of further special Brain-Gym-Movements. You learn how you can enhance you mental clarity, perception, concentration and your memory. You will discover by using the soft muscletesting, which activities are still in "slow gear" and how you can transform this into the "speed gear".


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    Brain Gym 2 directly after Brain Gym 1.

  • BERLIN: Price: 250 €,
    BERLIN: Package Brain Gym 1+2 = 440 €
    when registered until 30th April.

Brain Gym 2

Kinesiologie-3 Dimensionen

Balancing in three dimensions of Brain Gym 2.

In the next course "Brain Gym 2" you will enhance your understandig of the functioning of Brain and Body in the three-dimensional World. We call this the dimension of Laterality, Centerung and Focus. Using this modell the Balancing will go deeper to switch your on in these three dimensions. lassen sich die Balancen leicht vertiefen. Further Brain-Gym Movements complete the set of 26 effective Brain Gym Movements You can use very effectivly these "turn on's" in your dayly life, in working with your clients as well as in groups and classrooms as a teacher.
This package of Brain Gym 1 + 2 (4 days) gives you a simple, yet very effective tool to handle issues of day to day life quick and easyly.
Price: 250 €

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  • The primary Reflex - ABC 1

    This course is about using Brain Gym methods to integrate primary reflexes.


    The movements of adults are based on primary moving patterns. They develop in our mothers womb and ripen in the firs years after birth, so that the child can use them voluntarily in conscious movements like walking, doing sports etc. This natural learning process of the first years can be disturbed by stress of different kind. Therefore pupils and grownups sometimes cannot easyly use this early primary movement pattersn.

    Major disturbences show up by unkoordinated movements, the tendency to multiple accidents, the feeling of unsecurity and to Dyslexia-Problems of many kinds. People have learned to compensate their handicaps. By the process of "Post-Integration" that you learn in this coursce the compensation can be left behind for better integration, to have better performance.

    Using the kinesiology - Muscle Test we can find and open different levels of stress in the integration of the primary movements. This helps to balance and integrate the primary movements in a new way. After the session the person often need a time period for integration (typically some days to weeks). After that time the person is able to perform in many areas much more easy, more coordinate, can learn more easyly etc.

    Special Reflexes show specific Symptoms, e.g. a non integrated Moro-Reflex leads to more stress-instability with symptoms like muscle tensions, blood pressure etc. For some professions a well integrated Reflex can be a presupposition for success, e.g. Grasp Reflex with piano players.

    In this course we will test important primary Reflexes and integrate them. Specific Movements for Integration deepen the integration-process.

    Presupposition: Brain Gym 1+2.

    Price: 240 €.
           This course is also part of the Professional Training.
    Length: 2 Tage

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    These courses are praxis-oriented. The Knowledge ist activated immediately, so that you can experience the effect on yourself. You transform blockadges and stress into Motivation Learning-Abilities.


    Fun helps learning and your Immune-Power.

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